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SurfilmPRO SFF14
En colaboración con Fomento de San Sebastián (Concejalía de Impulso Económico) en el marco de las actividades del Clúster Donostia Surfcity, SurfilmPRO nos acerca una propuesta donde marcas clave del sector nos hablan de I + D, upcycling, economía circular y maneras de producción respetuosas. Cuatro marcas clave, referencia en su sector, nos presentan su filosofía de empresa, sus productos, y su visión de futuro.


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 Tom Kay es el fundador de Finisterre, una pequeña marca con grandes ideas que nació para crear productos para surfear en olas frías. Su filosofía es crear elementos resistentes, adaptados a su medio, y mantenerse cercanos a sus orígenes en las islas británicas.


About Tom Kay and the beginnings of Finisterre

My parents brought me up with a love of the sea. This runs through Finisterre, the brand I started, born out of making innovative product for cold water surfers. Those early memories of listening to the shipping forecast on dark, winters nights with gales raging outside stuck with me.

As I grew, my love of surfing developed and with it also an obsession with the weather. I’d study isobar pressure maps for hours, scouring for swell and the right wind, I understood the commitment needed by surfers on these shores, the highs and lows of each season, the hardship and the rewards. The cold, pre-dawn starts, the fickle winds, the big, shifting tides. The rewards of discovering perfect uncrowded waves, lineups framed by medieval castles, the adventure, the camaraderie, the solitude. More than anything it was the depth of experience that I loved.

At the same time, I had a desire to push innovation and product development in an industry where I felt it was lacking. So I set about building a brand that would address this need, making innovative product built for purpose that would last. I wanted the brand to be committed to a more responsible way of manufacturing, both in the fabrics we used and the manufacturers we chose to work with. Not just adding an organic line to an existing range, but a deep rooted way of making better product.

It all started in a flat above a surf shop with a three page website, then came a fleece. Waterproof, made in Devon, designed specifically for cold water surfers. From this first product over 10 years ago to a diverse range that now includes Merino backed denim jeans, jackets that can go the distance on the coldest of days, a penknife made in collaboration with a 300 year old Sheffield steel maker, and our Bowmont knitwear, the founding ingredients still ring true. We’ve stuck to our guns, incredible people have walked through the workshop doors to drive us forward, we’ve won awards, and although we’ve never been ones to go looking for them, they do help top up our tanks.

One of the things I’m most proud of is seeing the places our products go and hearing the stories that go with them. I guess if it works in the harshest environments, we can be pretty confident it will hold its own anywhere and for a long time.

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