Exhibition Surf, Civilization and Barbarism open until August 22nd

¿Which are the limits to the coastline development? come to see how surf spots around the world have evolved, Punta de Lobos in Chile is one of the spots we can still preserve. LATAM Airlines Group is giving 2 flight tickets so you can flight free to know this amazing place.

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“The importance of beauty and the enjoyment of a wave, of nature vs. the economy facts and the short term development. The utopian vision of an alternative future vs the contra la razón impuesta de una modernidad irracional.” This lines are part of the Gibus de Soultrait introduction to Surf, Civilization and Barbarism, an art exhibition you can visit until August 22nd in San Sebastian (Okendo Culture House, Avenida Navarra, 7).

A compilation of images, ilustrations, videos, thoughts and objects who will take the visitor through all the world´s continents and key surf spots which have been over developed or that still live in their peacefull solitude. It depends on each of you to set up the boundaries to what is naturally sustainable and what can only bring misfortune to a place.

From Jack McCoy´s personal collection of his first photos in Uluwatu, where a virgin headland is a painful contrast to today´s chaotic development, the juxtaposition of Kai Neville´s excerpt from Dear Suburbia of the Japanese rivermouth perfection to Taishi Hirokawa´s nuclear plants, the man vs nature section which starts with Ron Stoner´s 2 photos of Killer Dana before and after the marina is built, the Superbank´s perfection created by the artificial pumping of sand, Wavegarden´s example of man replicating nature as a recurrent theme in mankind… to the virgin beauty of both Bruno Garrudo´s landscapes and finally Punta de Lobos that can be preserved of radical use of cement….

Hanging on the walls works from artists Taishi Hirokawa, Alan Van Gysen, Andy Huges, Bruno Garrudo, Craig Peterson, Jack McCoy, Iker Basterretxea, Kai Neville, Pablo Ugartetxea, Rodrigo Farias or Patrick Trefz, among 27 participant artists.

The presented spots are : Uluwatu, Japón, Petacalco, Jeffrey´s Bay, Tenerife, Mundaka, Donostia, y Punta de Lobos, la que hoy todavía se puede proteger.

#LobosPorSiempre, an example of conservation

Punta de Lobos is without doubts one of the most imposing surf spots in the world. It is located at only 6km from Pichilemu, and it has become so popular in the last years that real state pressure can mean it´s landscape and natural beauty can be altered if aggressive construction plans go forward, and public space could become private.

Ramon Navarro, with the help of Save the Waves and Patagonia, is leading the campaign #LobosPorSiempre, which is an avant garde example of conservation of a surf spot, and we´d like to contribute from Surfilmfestibal. Even if you don´t know the spot, Punta de Lobos is under a threat that tomorrow could happen in your surf spot. This preservation project is a perfect test ground to replicate around the world in the future.

Thanks to LATAM Airlines Group we are giving away 2 flights so that 2 persons can fly to Chile in order to discover the place and the project in first person.

The 2 tickets are going to be raffled between all the persons that will contribute to the campaign #lobosporsiempre. It´s very easy, please help actively in the preservation of this magic place and fly there for free to see it!


¿How to donate?
1. Enter in: https://www.crowdrise.com/EquipoSurfilmfestibal
2. Click the DONATE button
3. Enter the amount you wish to donate, your name, and click on DONATE.
4. Enter all the required data in the fields and click the last DONATE
5. You´re officially a potential winner of the flights!

¿Until when can I donate?
The flights will be raffled on the 15.10.2015 between all the persons that have donate until the 14.10.2015

¿Where from can I fly? 2 options:
- Madrid (Spain) – Santiago de Chile (Chile). Return
- Los Angeles (USA) – Santiago de Chile (Chile). Return

For more information write to info@surfilmfestibal.com

Surf, Civilización y Barbarie artists list:
Photography: Alan Van Gysen, Alfredo Escobar, Andy Huges, Braulio, Bruno Garrudo, Iker Basterretxea, Jack McCoy, Javier Muñoz, Joli, Jorge García, Lance, Ron Stoner, Marc Conca, Patrick Trefz, Rodrigo Farías, Taishi Hirokawa
Ilustration: Elohand
Paints: Pablo Ugartetxea
Video: Arnie Wong, John Lamb, Kai Neville, Gabi García
Texts: Gibus de Soultrait, Tony Butt, Josema Odriozola
Surfboard: Ryan Burch


Casa Cultura Okendo: 
Mon-Fri: 10:00-14:00 / 16:00-20:30
Saturdays: 10:00-14:00 / 16:30-20:00
Avenida de Navarra 7, Donostia

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