SURFILMFESTIBAL13 TAKES OFF!!! we´re tracing solid lines


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 We are the experimental and international surf culture encounter!

This edition we go deeper in the contents we´re showing and we have key names attending from all over the globe.

We´ve created new proposals as Surf, Architecture and Urbanism or the beach event La Siguiente Ola.

This year, more than ever, come and get involved!


TICKETS are now AVAILABLE online! and Teatro Prinicipal box office


Clean Waves
Talk: Surf, Architecture and Urbanism
Art. Surf, Civilization and Barbarism
Big Wave Talks
Plateselector Food Tour
Surfilm TOUR 


Origins and Legacy
This is the 13th incarnation of Surfilmfestibal.

According to Nat Young surfing took a wrong turn when it defined itself as a sport and not as a spiritual activity. What is the history of surfing in Spain? We offer our own special tribute to its origins and to future generations of Spanish surfers.

An international year by definition, with an explosive cocktail of talent. The art direction comes from Japan and Chile will be the guest country of honour, with Punta de Lobos, the perfect wave of Pichilemu, as star of the show as an example of conservation done right.

Hence this year’s exhibition, which focusses on how development has affected surf spots and their local communities across the world. Mundaka, a case in point: what is happening to our wave? Its time to think, we have new proposals

Watch, listen and get involved!  


People attending:

Chile: Ramón Navarro, Alvaro Abarca, Rodrigo Farías
Japón: Taro Tamai, Keiichiro Mukai, Yoshihiko Kushimoto
Irlanda: Patch Wilson, Tom Doidge Harrison
Estados Unidos: Chris Malloy, Kyle Thiermann, Kimi Werner
Francia: Seb Zanella , Benjamín Sanchís
España: Pedro Temboury, Koldo Almandoz, Ibon Antuñano, Indar Unanue, Axi Muniain, Iker Basterretxea, Jon Aspuru, Oficina de Hechos


Photo. The most committed bottom turn from the jabato Ramón Navarro, Punta de Lobos ©Rodrigo Farías


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Donostia - San Sebastián

Arriaka was here!

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