Surfilmfestibal goes on TOUR along the major surf mecca

9.07 Mundaka - 10.07 Santander - 11.07 La Coruña and a special pre-stop in Madrid 3.07. With Zumosol and Vans

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Surfilmfestibal, a surf culture event, is starting a new adventure for its 13th edition: SurfilmTOUR. Four stops in some of the key surf meccas of the Cantabric Sea and a special screening in Madrid, taking the best of this year surf culture to a bigger audience.

We´ve teamed up with Solar World Cinema, a mobile cinema bringing unseen films to unusual places. Providing outdoor screenings powered 100% by solar energy. The solar system captures sunlight during the day and this is transformed into projection light at night, turning any space into an open-air sustainable cinema. These are the first solar powered cinema shows in the country, next year Solar Cinema Spain will be launched.

We selected the best film for this purpose: La Primera Ola, a documentary by Pedro Temboury about the origins of surfing in Spain with all the legends involved, which will be premiered at Surfilmfestibal and then goes on the SurfilmTOUR. The closing film of the night will be The Fisherman´s Son, Ramon Navarro´s biopic directed by Chris Malloy.

We bring a perfect mix of a top-notch program and surf culture, offering environmental stop-motion film workshops with recyclable materials for free during the day and cinema under the stars at night for all surf public and friends. It will be like a classical 70´s tour, with original surfboards, Pedro Temboury, the Surfilmfestibal and Solar World Cinema.

The tour will start in a hidden spot, la Casa Encendida in Madrid, a beach sunset in the middle of the city. The next stops will be the surf meccas: Mundaka, Santander and La Coruña.

This adventure is made possible thanks to Vans and Zumosol, and the collaboration with Patagonia. Local partners are also joining the trip: Mundaka Townhall, Santander Townhall and La Coruña Townhall, Galice and Cantabric Surf Federation, Santander Surf Film Classic, Cosmic Children Festival, Pure Surfing and Evens Foundation.

SurfilmTOUR Stops:

July 3 . Madrid. Casa Encendida. Doors open at 21.30h
July 9. Mundaka. Centro del pueblo. 22.30h
July 10. Santander. Plaza Porticada. 22.30h. (if it rains: Cine Los Ángeles)
July 11. La Coruña. Cúpula de Matadero, Playa de Lorzán. 22.30h.


La Primera Ola
Dir. Pedro Temboury. Spain. 2015. 70 min.
The documentary La Primera Ola focusses on 7 key moments that defined the early days of Spanish surfing. Stories like that of Félix Cueto, a young kid from Oviedo who made himself a surfboard with only a Beach Boys album cover for guidance, surfing it for the first time in 1962; or of the Casa Lola hippy-surf commune in the 70s, whose residents were among the first in our country to make surfboards of real quality. The birth of surfing in the Mediterranean, the Canary

The Fisherman´s Son
Dir. Chris Malloy. US / Chile. 2015. 25 min.
It is the story of Ramon Navarro, the fantastic surfer from Chile, big time charger, barrel hunter, but mostly a person in love of his coastline, his waves, and in the quest to preserve the nature around him. He is a total role model, using his popularity, to lead the preservation of his place



True Giant



Foto © Zalo Campa

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