Surfing Euskadi - Basque Country and Surfilmfestibal join forces once again to show the best of Euskadi

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Surfing Euskadi – Basque Country collaborate, once again, with Surfilmfestibal. A relationship born from our shared goal of showing the best of Euskadi to our visitors and to all the people that hear from us from any other continent.

Surfilmfestibal is a bizarre and funny event, with a pretty original program and a clear edge on environemental issues, that gets the attraction from surfers, film makers and journalists from all around the globe. We send a very positive image of Euskadi, what should be interesting for Surfing Euskadi who is working in the promotion of a local, active and sustainable surf tourism.

Surfing Euskadi – Basque Country is a group of 70 companies and institutions who is creating a sustainable development of the surf tourism in Euskadi. They aim to have the best combination between waves and other important elements as surf schools and accommodation services.

They offer almost all the services a visitor can need: access to information, surf schools for beginners and for advanced surfers, surfcamps, surf friendly hostels, activities for the flat days, events, etc.
Euskadi is a good mix of world class waves as Mundaka, Punta Galea, Orrua and Meñakoz, with beach breaks for any surf level as Zarautz, Sopela, Bakio o Donostia/San Sebastián.

What else? Great events along the year: Surfilmfestibal, the European Pro Junior that takes place in Sopelana and the always astonishing Punta Galea Challenge, with the best big waves surfers riding in front of Bilbao.


Euskadi welcome you all! EUSKALOHA!


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Surfilmfestibal. Donostia - San Sebastián. Surf, Music, Art and Environment Film Festival.

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Donostia - San Sebastián

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