Poster and shortfilm created by a collective of Japanese surfers and artists

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The art direction for Surfilmfestibal 13 is the work of a fascinating collective of Japanese surfers and artists that has enlisted the help of a number of creative masterminds. Their project, called JapaNing, has involved a bunch of creators in the desing and production of the edition poster and video. Keiichiro Mukai is the creative director of this aesthetic proposal to break away from the dominant iconography of the surfing world, imparting a philosophical message of respect for the cycle of nature above and beyond our search for the next wave.

JapaNing focuses on expressions and arts born in Japan that travel all around the globe. Its members are deep observers of their social media, reflecting in his works the evolution of the society. "All the artists taking part in the project have a different look to the world, a delicate sensibility they use to solve personal and social situations in which each of them are specialists, " explains Kurando Shoji, producer of JapaNing.


About the shortfilm HERMOSA PARTÍCULA

Hermosa Particula is the short film directed by Keiichiro Mukai for Surfilmfestibal13 who have art directed our visual identity. One surfer said "To understand about the sea, it is necessary to understand about mountains", threading this line along the short as a celebration of nature as a whole, and a message of respect. The team has included Taro Tamai and his fantastic and revolutionary snow surf, Yoshiiko Kushimoto´s amazing surfboards, Yoshiiro Saijyo´s music, and Kurando as production manager. Harigato Hosaimas, eskerrikasko from the Basque Country.


JapaNing artists collaborating in Surfilmfestibal13:

Keiichiro Mukai, creative director

Taishi Hirokawa, a dedicated surfer and a fantastic photographer, author of the poster image, whose work adorns the walls of MoMA.

Taro Tamai, a visionary designer who has united the sensation of gliding through the water with that of gliding through the snow; plus various others who have helped 

Sakko Baba, graphic designer
Maru, tipography designer
Yoshihiro Saijo, music (Delic Record)
Cinema Caravan, collaborator 
Yoshihiko Kushimoto, collaborator 
Kurando Shoji, producer

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