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We are happy to announce that LATAM Airlines Group becomes our main airline. It´s one of the most important airline group in the world, and leader of South America. It flights to about 150 destinations in 22 countries. And they don´t charge you for the surfboards!!

Thansk to this we are bringing Chile to San Sebastian, becoming the guest country of this edition of Surfilmfestibal. And there is not any better chilean representation than Ramón Navarro. He is famous for catching the biggest waves in the world, but also for his leadership at the campaign of Punta de Lobos. #LobosPorSiempre works to preserve and protect the unique coastline of one of Chile's most iconic surf spots from unwanted coastal development. The goals of the campaign are to safeguard biodiversity, protect surf resources, and preserve access for all.

Ramón is travelling to the festival to present the las work of Chris Malloy, The Fisherman´s Son, the 27th of june in a special session in Sagüés.


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Photo ©Rodrigo Farias

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