Friday 26th June in el Teatro Principal presented by director PEDRO TEMBOURY!

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La Primera Ola, a documentary directed by Pedro Temboury that traces the origins of surfing in Spain, will be one of the centrepieces at Surfilmfestibal13.

It’s the perfect excuse for old school legends and newer generations of surfers to gather together in San Sebastián (Basque Country) to hear the story that unites the entire coast told in full for the first time. We are always hearing the never-ending discussion about who the real pioneers were, but where were the first waves ridden, and who rode them?

Temboury, who in his 2013 film Monopatín told the story of skateboarding in Spain, and who helped us create the Surf, Terror and Science Fiction section for Surfilmfestibal 11, has got hold of more than 3,000 metres of unedited Super 8 film from those very pioneers, along with innumerable photos that have never seen the light of day until now. On top of this extensive material Temboury has filmed over eighty interviews, making La Primera Ola a truly unique collection of sources. Presented by Vans, CANAL+ and Ambar Viajes with the backing of Surfing Euskadi (Basquetour), it will be the film that opens this year’s festival in el Teatro Principal on Friday 26th June, before being shown for the first time on television in mid-July.


Vans, new sponsor of the fest

We are very happy to announce that Vans will be part of Surfilmfestibal once again. Since the beginning, slip ons, half cabs, classics brought us to waves around the world. It´s been years now since our first colaboration with Vans, and now they become part of the Surfilmfestibal family again, supporting our vision and helping us in this fantastic journey each edition.

We have changed dates this year! It will take place from 25th to 28th June, and we have have therefore extended the deadline for submissions to 20th April. Check the rules here.

La Primera Ola

Watch the trailer here 

The Story
The documentary La Primera Ola focusses on 7 key moments that defined the early days of Spanish surfing. Stories like that of Félix Cueto, a young kid from Oviedo who made himself a surfboard with only a Beach Boys album cover for guidance, surfing it for the first time in 1962; or of the Casa Lola hippy-surf commune in the 70s, whose residents were among the first in our country to make surfboards of real quality. Stories like the birth of surfing in the Mediterranean, which was thanks to the tenacity of Pepe Almoguera and a handful of hardy surfers; or how the Canary Islands became the Hawaii of the Atlantic - and was overrun with crowds as a consequence. Stories like that of the Gulley brothers, two Australians who found waves on the coast of Asturias better than any they had surfed in their native Australia.

How were Spain’s most mythical waves discovered, and how did the early surfers manage to get hold of the equipment necessary to surf them? We will see for the first time the inside story of the young men and women who saw in surfing an escape from the adult world - a world that wanted to make respectable citizens out of them, when all they wanted were good waves, empty beaches, and fun, lots of fun… 

A Pedro Temboury documentary produced by Jocántaro Films with the collaboration of Vans and CANAL+.
Lenght: 75 min,
Genre: documentary
Technical specs.: filmed in Full HD. Archive images (Super 8mm film and photography) converted to Full HD.
Production, direction, editing: Pedro Temboury.
Camera: Pablo Villa.
Graphic art: Salvador Llanes.
Sound: José Luis Vázquez.
Super 8 and video archive: Jesús Fiochi, Zalo Campa, Familia Cueto, Estanis Escauriaza, Carlos Neville, Gonzalo Gandarias, Mecolay…
Music: Kanaloas, Munster Records, El Toro Records, Subterfuge Records and Wild Punk Records
Script: Pablo Álvarez and Pedro Temboury


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