Patrick is a good friend, we love his works and style, and his feature films and short films have always been showed in Surfilmfestibal:Thread, Idiosincrasies, Bicycle Trip, Ode to California, and Spirit of Akasha in SAVAGE CINEMA (San Sebastian Film Festival) as he filmed one of the stories featured in the film. INTO THE MIND OF GREG LONG is his last work.

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Into the Mind of Greg Long a film by Patrick Trefz is now LIVE and ready (on Monday the 9th) for release upon the world at large.

Greg Long is one of the most down to earth and decorated big wave surfers in the sport today. With a unique philosophy on his preparation for big wave adventure combined with an incredible ability to surf at the highest levels (while managing a number of wildly dynamic variables), Into the Mind of Greg Long dives deep into Greg’s approach and showcases some of the most jaw dropping archival big wave footage of Greg ever seen. Into the Mind of Greg Long has recently won the Golden Gate Award in the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival.

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