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The selection committee will choose the short films and feature films for the program. To be eligible for selection, feature films and shorts must meet the following conditions:

~ Have been made after January 1, 2014.
~ Have a topic related to surfing.
~ Have a duration of more than 20 min. in the case of feature films, and up to 20 min in the case of the shorts.
_ Surfilmfestibal is a MOSTRA! There are no awards for films. We consider each title in the program a winner, and we work with each one to maximize its promotion.

2 options to submit a film to Surfilmfestibal:

1. Online: send a link and password to an online protected copy, as well as the Submission Form, to

2. Hard copy: Send a DVD copy together with the Submission Form before April 20th, 2015 to Surfilmfestibal: Reina Regente, 8 20003 Donostia-San Sebastian. SPAIN. Delivery cost taken care of by filmmaker / producer / distributor.
For international delivery, include in the export documents the mention: “Cultural material with no commercial value”.


*** To enter a film in the Surfilmfestibal shall be sent at least 4 photos for the online publication, the poster and a synopsis or press kit to






~ Only World, European or Spanish are elegible for the official program.
~ Short films can be eligible even if they have been premiered or broadcasted previously, however the selection comitee will clearly favor unreleased content.
~ In order for films to be eligible for Surfilmfestibal, submissions sent phisically have to arrive to our official address before 00.00, April 20th 2015, and online submissions have to arrive to before 00.00 April 20th 2015.


~ A committee will select the finalists. Whether yours is selected or not we will contact you to announce the decision. If your work is selected we will contact you in early May. We will request a copy in the original format (16mm, 35mm, Full HD, HD, etc ...) as back-projection for the festival. (Delivery cost taken care of by filmmaker, producer, distributor).
~ We will also request all the promotional material to push the titles promotion (poster, sinopsis, high resolution stills).
~ The festival's official program will be announced in May / June 2015 during the official press conference of the festival.
~ The Festibal is not liable for the damage, loss of the projection copy.
~ The projection copies will be sent, by express email request (, with precise delivery address contact and date for its return. Delivery costs taken care of by filmmaker, producer, distributor.


Donostia Kultura
Reina Regente, 8
20003 Donostia-San Sebastián
Tel.: +34 943 481 157 Fax: +34 943 430 621

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Surfilmfestibal. Donostia - San Sebastián. Surf, Music, Art and Environment Film Festival.

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Donostia - San Sebastián

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