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Outstanding news!: Spirit of Akasha in World Premiere!

Within the frame of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, and the new SAVAGE CINEMA section, we'll be hosting the world premiere of Spirit of Akasha, Andrew Kidman's new film based on the legacy of Morning of the Earth.

We are absolutely thrilled to host  in Donostia- San Sebastian the first ever screening of this film, a project which is bound to instantly become a classic, bearing the legacy and values of Morining of the Earth. Albe Falzon will be very proud of Andrew Kidman's work, based on the origial film's spirit, but taking it further to create extremely beautiful and captivating images.

SAVAGE CINEMA, joins the Festival as a non-competitive section with the support of Red Bull Media House and will include a selection of six feature films representative of the coming together between cinema and action sports.

Open to all formats and lengths the section brings a selection of films on inspirational stories and mind-blowing visuals and challenges based on the extreme sports. Mid-way between commercial and independent cinema aiming to close the gap between the general public and lovers of the great outdoors.

Having closed the film entry deadline on July 16, the Festival confirms participation of Spirit of Akasha as a  world premiere, .

SPIRIT OF AKASHA a film and soundtrack celebrating 40 years of Morning of the Earth
Andrew Kidman

In 1972 Albert Falzon made Morning of the Earth, a film that would forever change the way the world thought about surfing. His portrayal of all things pure and simple influenced generations, and passed on an enduring sprit to our culture, our music, and our lifestyle. Spirit of Akasha is a brand new film that reaffirms Morning of the Earth’s ethos of soul and spirit in the present day context, proving all its values are still having an enduring impact on us all and on surfers as Tom Curren, Stephanie Gilmore, Kelly Slater o John John Florence. Produced by noted Australian film-maker Andrew Kidman and mentored by Albert Falzon, Spirit of Akasha sets a new benchmark with an amazing creative fusion blending the realms of surfing, music and film making.

Andrew Kidman is one of the most transcendent creators of the modern surf culture. Through his films - Litmus (1996), Glass Love (2006), Last Hope (2009) and Lost in the Ether (2010) - he has fashioned new ways to explore the sport, with a look back in time to its past, traditions and historic characters. An aesthetic and different perspective focussed on drawing attention to the importance on surfing today of legacy, inter-general relations and evolution in shapes and materials.

The selection committee is highly satisfied with the quality and number of works presented for this first edition and with the response received by this initiative, not only in the action sports film industry, but also in the core and general public.

The complete programme will be announced on 4th September, with a list of the six titles to be screened in the different city cinemas between September 20 and 28. Two of these movies will also enjoy the honour of showing on Europe’s biggest screen at the Antonio Elorza Velodrome, which proved itself to be a unique venue for gatherings between the sports scene and the general public when it showcased last year´s RBMH “Big Friday” session.

More information can be found in the Press section of the official Festival website

Noticia publicada el August 24, 2013

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