Surf films on Thursdays at Trueba movie theatre

This year, Surfilmfestibal is going well beyond the Old Theatre sessions. Within our new festival concept, we have created SEPTEMBER SESSIONS in collaboration with Cines Trueba (Sade Cine).

September is our month, when the wave season starts. Therefore, we are proposing 3 surf film Thursdays at Trueba Cinema to welcome our favourite month. The ideal program: Pintxopote night and surf film. Here is a preview of the first sessions, as we keep the last title to ourselves for now. It’ll be the week previous to the big Film Festival, where you’ll also get the chance to watch some of the best action sports films in the planet, as part of the new Savage Cinema festival section

August 29, 22:00

Justin LePera. USA. 2013. 85 min
A group of surfers and adventurers take on a trip to search for the ultimate untracked waves in the planet, in Papua New Guinea. Their adventure becomes much more real when they come across a cannibal tribe and they discover a mine and the consequences of its doubtful work ethics.

September 12  22:00

Peiman Lotfi, Karoly Spah. Hungary. 2012. 50 min

This is the story of three Eastern European youngsters trying to escape their destiny seeking freedom through surfing. This documentary film, with great sense of humor, shows their adventures searching perfect waves, from the swimming pools in Budapest to the Irish and Indonesian coasts.

Nordfor Sola / North of the Sun
Inge Wegge, Jørn Nyseth Ranum. Norway. 2012. 46 min

Inge and Jørn spend nine freezing winter months at a remote and lonely bay on the Northern Norwegian coast. They live in a cabin they built with trash and eat outdated food, but they have brought with something crucial: their surfboards as the bay hides a great secret: some of the best waves in the World.


September 19  22:00



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